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31.93”H x 39.37”W

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About Artwork

Life comes and goes in a cycle - we start it clean and innocent, get messy on the way and find ourselves covered in filth as we edge towards the end. I decided to illustrate this idea in the form of three figures, taking inspiration from the Atlas sculpture. The first figure, clean and clear as glass symbolises our naivety to this world - zero exposure to any knowledge, experience or emotions. It also appears to be light as a feather, drifting from the sky and gently perching on one foot. The second figure, positioned with aggression as shown by his contracted muscles and form, portrays the peak condition we behold in our youth and middle ages. We learn from a society that impacts our lives and the lives around us, thus changing the way we view the world. As shown in the picture, it represents the Golden Era of our lives. The third figure, the falling one, portrays our departure from society, or rather our escape. When our perspective and roles become obsolete, or even annoying. When the time comes to pave the way for a whole new world with new people and new ideas.

Anushka Balaraj