Artwork id: 0009

31.93”H x 39.37”W

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The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.
About Artwork

It was late at night when I had just arrived at my REM state of sleep. My body had drifted from the warmth and comfort of my bed into a desolate space of nothingness. I could see nothing, hear nothing, and feel nothing. But I could smell something - something wet, icy and stale. As I drifted further and further, I finally felt the ground beneath my feet. It was still pitch black and silent. The scent, however, was stronger than ever. I walked forward, following that smell. The walk felt like it took hours. And all of a sudden, a mirror appeared in my way. Was it even a mirror? I don’t know. I could see nothing. That scent, however, was stronger than ever! As I approached the ‘mirror’, I was still unable to see anything. However, as I gazed up to the top of the mirror, I saw two slimy bat-like creatures hanging upside down. They had huge eyes and the worst stench imaginable. I turned around and there they were, in plain sight, saying aloud – “Hello There…” One question remained unanswered - where was I?

Anushka Balaraj